The Podium

The club runs a championship for Queenstown Car Club financial members who compete in our motorsport events.

The club championship is set and administered by the Committee, and runs from 1 September through 31 August the following year

Club points are based on vehicle class and are earned on placing in class and overall

Club points are awarded as follows

Classes (2021-2022)

B Up to 2000cc

C 2000cc and over


Classes (prior to 2021-2022 season)

A up to 1300cc

B 1300cc to 1600cc

C 1600cc and over


Class Placing

1st Place 12 Points

2nd Place 10 Points

3rd Place 8 Points

4th Place 6 Points

5th Place 4 Points

All other placings 2 Points

If there are less than three finishers in a class then for calculating club points they are included in the next class above

Overall Placing

1st Place 4 Points

2nd Place 3 Points

3rd Place 2 Points